First Workshop


19 May 2023

We launched our first Theatre Act Workshop in May 19, 2023 in Vincent School, Aminjikarai, Chennai. With the blessings of our Veteran South Indian Actor Mr. Radha Ravi sir we inaugurated our first acting workshop followed by an inspiring interaction with our students. Around 102 numbers of students had been registered and the program was conducted for three consecutive days with various actors and directors joining in on the daily workshop session to interact with our students.

When our students learn from those who are well experienced in the field of film and acting, the potential of them understanding acting and the art of theatre is much greater. We strive to help our students learn and increase their confidence by helping them break out of their shell to venture out into the world of acting by teaching them the essentials of theatre acting. As Shakespeare once wrote, “And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

After three days of Dani’s Theatre’s acting workshop, we finished our final session by distributing awards and certificates to each student who participated in our three day acting workshop. Our idea is to treat each and every students in equal and individual care . In these 102 number of students 39 students were admitted without any register fee (free of cost) after knowing they are underprivileged. We believe Education is equal to all and it should reach to the needy at any cost. We have a plan to continue this policy for the future programs too.

Final day - The Big Day

We followed the closing session by holding a formal valedictory function in the evening at prasad lab in vadapalani along with a press meet.

We were honoured with the presence of our wonderful chief guests: director venkat prabu sir and thambhi ramaiya sir. During our press meet director venkat prabu sir and thambi ramaiya sir were able to have a productive interactive session with our students. We at danis theatre studio also took the opportunity to congratulate our dear venkat prabu sir on the grand announcement of his collaboration with actor vijay sir’s ‘thalaphathy 68’ with a cake cutting celebration.

This news was been telecasted live in five channels and covered by most of the major channels and YouTube channels around 25-30 in numbers .We were so delighted to see that our valedictory function was viral for the following five days throughout the media.